Faith Like a Child

We weren’t born with an inclination towards fear. Fear isn’t something we innately possess as infants. Without even thinking about it, newborns have full faith in their parents. They trust them with every need, because they don’t even realize what their own needs are. Fear has to be learned. Bad experiences and let down have to burst our bubbles of what we thought life was supposed to be like leaving us scarred and confused. 
Life with Jesus is exactly the same way.

I remember singing “Jesus Loves Me” in choir as a four year old and believing it as wholeheartedly as I do now. Nothing had ever challenged that. No one had ever given me a reason to doubt that Jesus loved me. I just believed it. I knew the Bible was true and that’s all I needed to know. 
Fast forward a dozen or so years, and I wish it could be that simple. 
Hard times and hard questions come up. People ask me how I would reconcile Jesus loving us with all this hurt and pain  around us. How I reconcile His faithfulness and provision with sickness and poverty and terror around our world. And you know what? I don’t understand. I can’t reconcile it perfectly. And I have my own doubts every day of my life. 

But I am starting to understand what Jesus said in Matthew 18 when He told us we all must become like children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. 

He doesn’t need me to understand. 

Jesus never asked me to have all the answers, in fact, He told me that I wouldn’t. But I need to go back to believing as simply and purely as I did as a little girl. Taking Him at His Word without having to understand. Believing and trusting just because He says it and letting that be enough. 
I don’t understand so many things, and those unknowns cause me to walk in fear. 

But Christ came to replace my fear with faith. To remind me that there is nothing in this world that He  hasn’t already overcome. That that’s all I need to know. He is enough, He is love, He is faithful
I don’t want to wrestle with the whys tonight. I want to go back to the simple truths I already knew and believed as a four year old. Because with Jesus on my side, there’s no reason I ever need to learn fear. Because of my God is for me, NO ONE can stand against me and nothing can separate me from His powerful love {Romans 8}
I’m going to stand firmly on the Rock that never moves and not let my eyes stray to the storms around me. They can’t take my solid foundation out from underneath my feet. 



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