What I did Right and Wrong my First Year of College

Hi Everyone!

I know I missed posting something last week, finishing up the loose ends of the college semester has kept me more than a little busy, but I’ve had this post in my mind all day so I wanted to get it written (and am maybeee procrastinating on my Economics project, but that is beside the point…)

I have loved my first year of college. Some things about it have been absolutely brutal, but so many of the new experiences and opportunities have been amazing and have taught me so much about myself and the world around me. Even just one year into this crazy experience, I can look back and see so many things that I’m glad I did, and so many things that I wish I had done differently or sooner. Today I just wanted to write about some of those things to give you a glimpse into my own life and to maybe help out some of my younger friends who are about to start this journey themselves!

Right: Taking Classes just because I want to

Both of the semesters that I have been in college, I took one class that wasn’t required for my degree plan but that I just wanted to take!! With taking so many classes, it was so nice to have a breath of fresh air in the middle of it all. This semester especially, I took an elective with my favorite professor that I had from first semester and it is hands down my favorite class and something that motivates me to get up in the morning

Wrong: Not Making Friends

Especially first semester, I really didn’t make friends… at all. I don’t have the phone numbers of anyone I met first semester and there’s only one person that I even smile and wave at if I see now. This semester, I got slightly better, but it was honestly only because a really outgoing girl sat next to me on the first day of Calculus and has been a great friend and helped me in so many ways! Make friends! They can help you with homework, go with you to office hours, and beyond that, just make your life better and make you actually want to go to school when you really don’t want to.

Right: Asking Questions

I’m that girl that always sits on the front row even in the massive lecture halls, and after classes, I like to go up and ask my professors questions. Not even just “I didn’t understand {such and such}”, but things like “What is your opinion on…” or asking for more detail on something that especially intrigued me about their lectures. This not only helped me to learn things that I truly was interested in, but also helped me to make great connections with my professors. They are people with an amazing wealth of information and several of them I have gone back and visited and talked to about a myriad of topics since then.

Wrong: Not Taking Advantage of my Resources

My large university campus has so many resources set up to help students succeed! From the math tutoring lab to the Career Center that will help you perfect your resume and choose what to wear to interviews, to the study sessions for every subject imaginable. I wrote all of these things off as things I didn’t need or didn’t have time for and that was a grave mistake. College is hard in a really different way than high school is. I can’t emphasize studying and asking questions enough. I never felt the need to study for exams in high school and did totally fine, but that doesn’t exactly fly in college and I so wish that I had taken advantage of all the help around me much sooner.

Right: Learning to Let Go

I learned the hard way that I can’t do everything. But something I feel like I was good at realizing is that sometimes certain things are more important than what people try to tell you is important. For example, I felt a huge emphasis from people in academia that I should be getting straight As in college. And you know what? That just didn’t happen. And that is totally okay. Other things were much more important this year, and I don’t think that is wrong. I still tried really hard and learned a lot of things, but I didn’t kill myself to get perfect grades, and I still spent time working and doing other things that are important to me beyond just school.

Wrong: Not Getting Involved

There aren’t many times in my life when I’m going to have the opportunity to get involved in anything I could possibly want to within a tenth of a mile of where I already am. I’ve scrolled endlessly through the lists of events and organizations on campus and so many of them pique my interest! I wish I had set aside time sooner to check some of them out and get more involved.

Right: Found a Church Family

But one very important thing that I really know I did right is that I found a church to call home. I spent some awkward Sunday mornings walking into brand new churches where I knew no one, but I am so glad that I did. It was on one of those Sunday mornings that I didn’t even drag a friend with me and walked into a classroom all alone that I found my new church family. They invited me to lunch that first week and even though I don’t know all of the people yet, it really truly feels like family. I feel God’s presence and love talking about the Bible with these people and it builds me up and encourages me so much.


All in all, it’s been a fantastic freshman year of college, and I can’t wait to see what the next several years are gonna hold as I keep going on this crazy journey!!

— Taryn



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