Pursuing Christ

“Being a Christian is less about cautiously avoiding sin than about courageously and actively doing God’s will” — Eric Metaxas

The Pharisees got the Law wrong. Jesus told them time and time again how they got the Law wrong. And you know why? They were legalists. They wanted to elaborate on the Law to use it to fill every crevice and caveat and situation.

So they created their own law that did just that.

But that wasn’t how God created it.

Oh yes, the Law gets specific. It outlines every detail possible for sacrifices and ceremonies and cleanliness and what to eat for the Israelites.

But some things are left up to us. Some places, there is room for freedom in Christ.

Some places… The Spirit is left room to work in our hearts.

Pursuing Christ and His will is a daily process of prayer and submission. You don’t have to have it all figured out before you even start. You just have to start following and start listening.

Apart from God and perfection, good and evil exist on the same spectrum, not separate islands. Small steps and leave us from one to the other, almost without noticing.

It’s hard to draw lines in the sand. Many things can’t be stated in a simple command that encompasses any and all situations. And in those moments, we have to chase Christ in faith, knowing His grace is more than sufficient for us.

Not every decision in the world can be evaluated before hand and the right answer chosen. Many of us don’t even know where we land on a lot of things. There are moral and emotional and spiritual pulls in both directions. And God doesn’t ask us to know it all right now. If He had wanted us to know, He could have told us. But He wants us to continue relying on Him daily, hourly, and when we do that, we know that He really will shine light on our paths and direct our footsteps.



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