Pain and Joy Can Coexist

Yes, yes, I know it’s been a longgg time since I’ve posted anything on my blog. It’s been a hard past couple of months. But you know what? It’s been a pretty great couple of months as well. And that’s what I want to write about today.

I used to believe that difficulty and blessing could only exist exclusively. Pain and joy were separate entities that could never intermingle.

But the past few months of my life have proven to me once and for all that that is not true.

<I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace, you will have suffering in this world, but take heart, I have overcome the world. — John 16:33>

This summer has been physically difficult in every way. I’ve been sick more than I’ve been well and I still don’t know why. On top of that, my college classes this semester are miserable and I dread every single day of going to class.

But you know what? It’s also been one of the most beautiful, the most full, the most abundant seasons of life I’ve ever experienced.

I may not be strong enough to hang out with friends every night and weekend, but the relationships that I do have are some of the richest blessings in my life. The people God has surrounded me with to pour into and to be poured into by bless me immeasurably each day.

I may not be strong enough to have taken as many classes this semester as I planned to, but the time it has given me at home to spend with my younger siblings has been so sweet and irreplaceable.

I have learned the beauty of rest and Sabbath. I have learned the value of quality over quantity. And I have learned the sweet victory of our King that breaks through in the smallest glimmers of light but radiates into the most brilliant of rainbows.

<Your Name, Your Name is victory. All praise will rise to Christ Our King. By Your Spirit I will rise, from the ashes of defeat. The Resurrected King is resurrecting me. In Your Name I come alive to declare Your victory. The Resurrected King is resurrecting me>

Life is hard but oh man, life is good. And I’m not contradicting myself by saying that. I’m learning to find the joy, I’m learning to live abundantly, and I’m choosing to live intentionally. I’m not perfect at it, and the tears stains on my pillowcase betray that I have a long way to go. But today I choose to walk in victory and joy, because through the storm, HE is LORD, LORD of all.

— Taryn