A Letter to my 13-year old self


You’re gorgeous! There will be days that you don’t feel like it — but God made you remarkably and wonderfully! Your life will change a lot in the next few years — you will find new things that you love doing and things that you never imagined will change… will change. But I can promise you some things — God is faithful. He really does have a great plan for you. At the time it won’t always feel like it, but keep trusting Him. When you look back in a few months — you’ll see that His ways really were best.

Enjoy the next few years. Don’t take your friends for granted! There will be times that you don’t feel like anyone wants to be around you, I promise that isn’t true. You’re amazing, you’re loved, and people are so blessed by you. People make mistakes and some people will get mad for no reason. Just be quick to love, quick to forgive — you’re a great friend, never forget that.

Life will fly by, enjoy every day and spend them making memories. Take a million pictures, laugh and dance and be crazy, be yourself! It’s so much more fun that way, and I promise your real friends will still love you. Talk to your mom. Take crazy selfies with your siblings. Do your best, but DON’T stress over one bad test grade. That’s not what will matter in the long run. Keep praying and listening to God. Life will be hard, but He will NEVER let you go.